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  1. Residence Vita

  2. Residence Alpin

  3. Chalet Ulten

  4. Garage - 4b = connecting door to garage
    (Depot for skis and bicycles, books and games, deck chairs for Vita)

  5. Way to the barn, to the parking lot

  6. Shed with firewood - 6b = barn for firewood and waste separation

  7. Sandpit

  8. Farmer Karl's stable

  9. Washroom for Vita and Alpin + deck chairs for Alpin

  10. parking spot

  11. chapel

  12. Start of hiking trails

  13. Disposal of organic waste in the green bin in front of the chicken coop









Wishes to the guest


We are a family that attaches great importance to the highest quality.

In order to be able to guarantee this quality in the long term, careful handling of the facility and our house is required. We therefore kindly ask you to treat all furnishings as if they were your own. If something breaks, please let us know so that we can get a replacement for the following holiday guests in good time.


The provision of resources such as water and energy is very costly for our environment. Please handle it carefully.


The Alpinence and all its associated apartments are non-smoking apartments! You are welcome to smoke in the "open air", ashtrays are available there.


We do not want drones. This drives away wild animals such as roe deer and deer. We also want to preserve the privacy of all guests and neighbors.


Many Thanks!



Living in the climate house

For the new building, which was completed in March 2019, we placed great emphasis on natural materials such as larch, spruce, pine, oak, stone and glass. The entire facility was specially made to measure by local craftsmen.






A - Z



= Short for Alpen Residence

The Alpinence consisting of two holiday apartments (Residence Vita and Residence Alpin) and a holiday home (Chalet Ulten) opened in 2019. All the furnishings were made to measure by local craftsmen. While the chalet has its charm in the rustic and typical Tyrolean style, the two newly built holiday apartments focus on modern, high-quality furnishings.



Even the best vacation comes to an end. On the day of departure, please remember to leave the key on the dining table. We ask you to vacate the apartment by 10:00 a.m. Deviating arrangements are of course possible after free availability of the apartments. The apartment is checked for completeness again after each departure.


Towing service and auto repair shops

Towing service angler Robert in Lana 0039 348 7303233

Car workshop Berger Luis in St. Walburg 0473 795 236



The altitude is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.



Steinbachwiese 192, 39016 St.Walburg / Ulten, Bozen, Italy
+39 0473 795377


Apres - ski:

In winter, après-ski is at the Breiteben chairlift top station or all year round at the Kuppelwies valley station in the M13.



  • Bachmann Dr. Walter +39 0473 796039

  • Dr. Bertoldi, Tel +39 0473 787 044

  • Dr. Gamper Hannes, Tel +39 3294422899


Bank / ATM / ATM:

Raiffeisenbank in the center of St. Walburg +39 0473 795 177


Farm shops:

  • Farm shop Sea.Wies in Kuppelwies +39 0473 795 390

  • Uphill in Kuppelwies +39 3292722105

  • Herbal Kingdom Wegleit in St. Walburg +39 0473 795 386

  • Farm shop Unterschweig in St. Nikolaus +39 0473 790 252

  • To the upper courtyard in Kuppelwies +39 0473 799 058

  • Edith's goat cheese dairy in St. Nikolaus behind the Hotel Waltershof



Get it at the post office and in some grocery stores.


Bus schedule:

You can find the current one at Tickets are available on the bus.



Dear guests, if you enjoyed your stay at the Alpinence, we would be delighted if you would share your experiences with others.

You can find us on the following portals:

  • Holidaycheck

  • Tripadvisor

  • Google


  • Apartment directly

  • Home Away

  • Airbnb

  • Facebook

  • Instagram


For criticism and suggestions for improvement, please contact us directly.


Library / books / games:

A small “library” is available for you in our garage. In the designated cupboard there are some books and community games.


For a larger selection, visit the library in St. Walburg

St. Walburg Library
Walburgerhof 148
39016 St. Walburg / Ulten
Tel. 0473 79 54 33



Decorations adorn this house, please do not borrow it. Our ornament is forever, we believe in your honesty.

We ask you to leave the house as you found it.


Disco: The M13 disco is located directly at the Kuppelwieser valley station.


Village center: The village center of Sankt Walburg is 7km from the house. There are grocery stores, bakery, tourist office, gas station, bank, butcher, etc.



First aid:

You can find the first aid admission in the Merano hospital (approx. 40 minutes by car).

Tel. +39 0473 263029 Via Rossini 5, Merano 39012


First aid kit:
In the event of minor injuries, we will provide you with a first aid kit. Since we do not know your allergies, we are unfortunately unable to provide you with any pain relievers.

Chalet Ulten: The suitcase is in the storage room in the top drawer by the window.

Residence Vita & Alpin: The suitcase is in the top of the cloakroom.




  • Groceries / general goods:

In the center of St. Walburg: Despar, Conad and Gol Market.

The Despar is also open until 6:00 p.m. on Saturday.

  • Butcher's shop:

In St. Walburg an der Hauptsstraße, butchery Gruber, from which you can buy delicious local meat and grill specialties. The butcher also offers other groceries and everyday products.

  • Bakery:

The “Ultner Brot” bakery is one of the best-known and best bakeries in South Tyrol.
Village square No. 114 / a
I-39016 St. Walburg in Ultental

  • Electrical goods:

Village square electronics store Wenin

  • Shoe and leather goods:

If you are looking for new shoes, especially hiking shoes, visit “Shoes Berger” in the village center of St. Walburg.

  • Paper / tobacco / newspapers / lottery:

Gugga, St. Walburg, 0473421451

  • Distillery:

Kapaurer distillery, St. Walburg. 0473795050




You can also find us on Facebook under “Alpinence”. Become a fan and stay up to date with the latest offers and innovations.



Hair stylist:

  • Salon Greti, St. Walburg, 0473 795 300

  • Salon Paris - Hotel Ortler, St. Nikolaus, 0473 790 101



You are welcome to leave your bicycles in the garage. This can be locked with your apartment key.

Rent & Go in St. Walburg offers bike and e-bike rental. 0473790097



The hairdryer is in a drawer in the bathroom.



We ask you to fill out the enclosed questionnaire and leave it so that we can work on suggestions for improvement. Many Thanks!

(The questionnaire is also available online)


Locked doors:

If access to the garage or laundry room is blocked, you can open the doors with your apartment key.


Community games:

In our garage there is a cupboard in which there are books and board games, which we will be happy to make available to you during your holiday. Please make sure to put the games back completely.



Internet / WiFi

Each welcome folder contains a quick overview of what the respective

W-Lan access data for the apartments are located.

We ask for your understanding if the connection is not permanently constant, as it is sometimes not so easy to reliably maintain the reception here in the mountains. Each apartment is equipped with its own internet access and can be switched off individually. If you would like to go on vacation without WiFi, please contact us. +39 3664727560



Each guest is provided with a set of towels for their entire stay. If you stay 10 nights or more, you will receive a second set of towels upon arrival, which you can find in the bathroom or in the closet. The towels that you no longer need can be put in the laundry basket in the laundry room.



The fireplace is fired with wood. Use is at your own risk. The guest is responsible for himself and relieves the host and the owner of any responsibility.



See "quick overview"



Basement Chalet Ulten:

The basement entrance is on the terrace. The key is behind the sculpture hanging on the wall. We ask you to leave the key in the right place.


Communication and availability host

Since we do not live on site, we unfortunately cannot always be there for you personally.

We are happy to help you with any concerns over the phone.

Delia +39 3664727560 Sepp +39 3358188400


Children's playgrounds:

Are present in every village in the Ulten Valley. (St. Walburg, Kuppelwies, St. Nikolaus, St. Gertraud, St. Pankraz, Proveis)



Deck chairs and umbrellas:

Chalet Ulten: deck chairs and parasols are in the basement. The entrance is in the outside area in front of the kitchen terrace. The key is hidden behind the wooden sculpture on the wall. Please return the key there after departure.

Residence Vita: In summer there are two fixed deck chairs on the terrace. There are more deck chairs in the garage.

Residence Alpin: In summer there are two fixed deck chairs on the terrace. There are more deck chairs in the washroom next to the apartment.



(All markets only in the morning)

Merano: near the train station - large market every Friday and small market every Tuesday

Lana - Every Friday

Bolzano - Victory Square - every Saturday

Merano farmers' market: Gallileistraße - every Saturday

Lana Farmer's Market: Town Hall Square - Every Tuesday (May-Oct)



See "quick overview"


Emergency call:

Telephone: 112


parking spot

You are welcome to unload your luggage in front of the garage. Then please park in the parking lot opposite the chapel, which is intended for 5 cars.


To pick mushrooms:

  • Mushrooms may only be picked on even days between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

  • Only in the municipality in which the fixed fee was paid, but only where mushroom picking is not prohibited by appropriate signs.

  • Maximum 1kg per day and per person (over 14 years).

  • The mushrooms must be roughly cleaned at the location and transported in stiff, open and well-ventilated containers.

  • The prerequisite for mushroom picking is the payment of a fixed fee of € 8.00 per person and day for the benefit of the community in which you want to collect. (One-off payment also possible for several even days).

  • The fee can be paid to the Raiffeisenkasse Ulten.

IBAN: IT26Z0823159030000300243400




A breath of fresh mountain air sweetens the room climate. Treat yourself to a pleasant sense of wellbeing and a cozy deep sleep and avoid smoking in the entire house. You are in a non-smoking house. You are welcome to smoke outside. There are ashtrays on the terrace that you are welcome to use at any time.


Bike rental and repair workshop:

Rent and Go at the Kuppelwies valley station, Tel: +39 3295943363 or +39 0473 790097



We have put together a list of restaurants in the area and recommendations for eating out in this folder.


Recycling yard:

St. Walburg: Wednesday 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m., Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

The following substances can be dispensed there: glass, paper, cardboard, cans, plastic liquid containers up to 10l.


The toboggan run is only a few minutes by car from the Breiteben chairlift in the ski area.


Ski and toboggan rental:

  • Schwemmalm valley station

  • Breiteben mountain station



Schwemmalm ski area:

The chair lift for the ski area starts at the Breiteben valley station (6 min. From Alpinence).

The cable car to the ski area starts in Kuppelwies at the Schwemmalm valley station.

(10 min. From Alpinence)

Both locations are equipped with a spacious parking lot. You can find the directions required for this on the attached map.




In summer: the Lido St. Walburg is open (end of June - mid-August). But also the numerous mountain lakes of the Ulten Valley invite you to swim.

  • Zoggler reservoir in Kuppelwies

  • Felix pond in St. Felix

  • Kofelraster lakes for the very brave cold-resistant hikers

In the winter:

  • Hotel Ortler in St. Nikolaus (swimming and sauna) approx. € 8 per person

  • Hotel Waltershof in St. Nikolaus (swimming and sauna) approx. € 30 per person

Important! Please inquire about availability beforehand. We would also be happy to ask for you.




  • Kuppelwies-Schwemmalm, mid-May to mid-October

  • St. Pankraz - Pawigl

  • Lana - Vigiljoch



  • Maxi Mode Center shopping center in Lagundo near Merano

  • Spa town of Meran (stroll through the shops under the "Meraner Lauben")

  • Twenty shopping center with 81 shops and UCI cinema in Bolzano

  • Old town Bozen (stroll through the shops under the "Bozner Lauben")


Vacuum cleaner:

Every apartment has an integrated vacuum cleaner system. The connection for the hose can be found on the wall. (Look like "foldable sockets")

Residence Vita: The hose is in the garage

Residence Alpin and Chalet Ulten: The hose is in the washroom


Tourist office:

We try to prepare your stay for you as well as possible. However, we are unfortunately unable to provide you with all the information you require. If you need information about hikes or sights, simply find out more from the Sankt Walburg or Kuppelwies tourist office:

St. Walburg

Hauptstrasse, 104
I-39016 St. Walburg, South Tyrol, Italy
Tel. +39 0473 795 387


Dome meadow

+39 0473 799 651




Schwienbacher “Ultner Reisen”, Tel: +39 0473 795 211

Paris “Ultental Reisen”, Tel. +39 0473 791 013


Gas station:

St. Walburg, phone +39 0473 796 009



We ask you to leave the toaster, which you will find in the kitchen, clean again.


Washing machine

Chalet Ulten: the washing machine is in the storage room.

Residence Vita and Alpin: The washing machine is located next to Residence Alpin in the boiler room / laundry room.



Laundry service

On request, you can get fresh towels and bed linen for € 20 per person.




The Alpinence is the perfect starting point for numerous hikes. The Ultental is rich in lakes and mountain pastures, several of which you can reach directly from the house. The hiking trails start on the access road from neighbor farmer Karl, on the left at the end of the road where the forest trail begins.





Would you like to enjoy a day spa? Ask at our partner hotel Arosea in Kuppelwies

Day Spa is also possible in the Hotel Waltershof in St. Nikolaus. Day guests are always welcome. 0473790144








lageplan von oben.png


If you also want to see events outside of the Ulten Valley, you can switch to the desired area in the "Location" field. You can also easily change the date. (

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