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Possible directly from the Alpinence

If you choose the Ultental as your holiday destination, you can hardly avoid hiking. The numerous and varied paths lead past the most beautiful rustic farms, pastures and mountain lakes. You could hardly be closer to nature. The impressive views and impressions will inspire you. There are hikes of all levels of difficulty. Whether from short to long, with a stroller or as a cliff climber, there is certainly something for everyone.


Schwimmen im Bikini

15 minutes away

In the winter

  • Enjoy a day spa at the Life Balance Hotel Arosea

  • Treat yourself to a day spa (indoor pool, saunas, outdoor whirlpool) at the Hotel Waltershof in St. Gertraud for around € 30

  • In the Hotel Ortler in St. Nikolaus it is also possible to use the indoor swimming pool and its saunas for approx

  • Merano thermal baths

In summer:

  • At the Lido St. Walburg

  • For lake lovers -> Zoggler reservoir in Kuppelwies and Felixer Weiher in St. Felix

  • Kofelraster lakes for our cold-resistant hikers

Life Balance Hotel Arosea

Indoor pool 3 - ARTs Unlimited 2010.jpg

10 minutes away

We are partners of the Arosea Life Balance Hotel in Kuppelwies

(The Arosea is 10 minutes by car from the Alpinence).


The house guests of the Alpinence thus benefit from further exclusive services.

A telephone or written appointment one day in advance is necessary.

+39 0473 785 051


  • Have breakfast

  • Wellness, swimming

  • fitness

  • Lunch and dinner


More information and prices

Escape Room Ulten

Escape Room Ulten Logo.png

15 minutes away

Dive into the thrilling world of escape rooms, where excitement and puzzles await you. With us, you'll experience a unique adventure, immersed in captivating storytelling and mysterious scenarios.

An escape room is more than just a game – it's a challenge where you and your team are locked in a room. Your mission: solve puzzles, decipher codes, and combine clues to escape within a limited time.

Gather your friends, family, or colleagues, as success hinges on teamwork. Each team member brings unique skills to solve the diverse puzzles.

Horse Riding


15 minutes away

In the Theistadl

Riding lessons

Proper riding requires skill, you will

taught a safe handling of the animals.



What can be nicer than on a sunny day with horses

to spend. Nice company, impressive terrain, lunch break

on a rustic alpine pasture (small excursions are also possible)


Theistadl natural residence,
I-39016 St. Walburg (1150m)
Ultental | South Tyrol - Italy
Tel: +39 0473 799 011

Cheese tasting at the Schwemmalm

Verschiedene Käse

15 minutes away

The outer Schwemmalm is pleased to announce that this summer, for the first time, we will be offering exclusive cheese tastings in our hut. We produce cheese at 2142 meters from our cows that graze on the alpine pasture during the summer months.

The goal is to provide guests with a unique culinary experience where they can discover the variety and quality of regional cheese specialties. The tastings include a selection of self-produced cheeses, accompanied by carefully selected wines.

+39 389 643 9013

Ice skating 


15 minutes away

Whether alone or in company, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun on the ice. Strap your runners under your feet and circle around the ice rink in Kuppelwies to the rhythm of rock music.

And if you don't have your ice skates with you because you spontaneously decided to wag a lap across the ice, you can hire the right equipment at the rental shop.

Equipment: lighting, equipment rental, natural track

Cross-country skiing

Quelle: IDM Südtirol, Urheber: Alex Filz

15 minutes away

Cross-country skiers get their money's worth on the perfectly groomed trails in Ultental and Deutschnonsberg.

Cross-country ski run in Ultental: through forest and meadows with a unique panoramic view, the cross-country ski run leads past the three villages of St. Gertraud, St. Nikolaus and St. Walburg.
Trail length: approx. 12 - 25 km
Difference in altitude: 300 m
Technique: classic and skating
Difficulty level: medium

The tickets can be purchased at the following advance booking offices: St. Walburg Tourist Office, Hotel Seerast - St. Walburg

Rent and Go ski rental in Kuppelwies

Hike snowshoe


Possible directly from the Alpinence

Snowshoeing is one of those winter sports that combine healthy exercise with intense nature experiences. It goes quietly through the forest, over snow-covered meadows and alpine pastures, enjoying the silence. The technique is easy to learn, the equipment can be rented in every ski rental and in many hotels.

Guided snowshoe hikes are also offered. More information is available from the tourist office.

Ski tours


Possible directly from the Alpinence

The Ultental is characterized by a northern and a southern mountain ridge. Together the two mountain ranges form a varied ski touring area. Classic ski tours in the Schwemmalm ski area lead to the 3,257 meter high Hasenöhrl mountain or the 2,658 meter high Mutegg. Both ski tours can be carried out until late spring. Fascinating panoramic views of the Ötztal Alps and the Dolomites open up from the peaks. On the Mutegg mountain there is a separate ascent track for ski tourers, which is also open during the day depending on the snow conditions. Ascent via the Schwemmalm ski slopes is prohibited for ski mountaineers and tourers. Only on Thursdays from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., ski tourers are allowed to climb the prescribed route along the slopes and through the forest.

Winter hiking


Possible directly from the Alpinence

Winter hiking in Ulten Valley combines gentle outdoor exercise with experiencing rural culture. Numerous cleared winter hiking trails lead through the Stilfser Joch National Park or on the Schwemmalm hiking area to secluded inns and shelters.

Winder hiking on the Ultner Höfeweg is particularly fascinating. It runs from the village of Kuppelwies along the sunny slope to St. Gertraud, past the traditional Ulten farmhouses with their typical shingle roofs. Along the way there is also the valley museum in the village of St. Nikolaus. The folklore museum provides an insight into the mountain farming world.


Mädchen, das im Schnee rodelt

8-15 minutes away

Not only the little ones love to whiz down the slopes on a toboggan like the wind, the whole family is guaranteed to have fun doing it. The beautiful toboggan runs in Ultental and on Deutschnonsberg are ideal for long toboggan runs with a cozy stop in a mountain inn.

Starting point: parking lot "Alpinlounge W!"

Height of starting point: 1,580 m - slope length: 500 m

Difference in altitude: 30 m- Classification / difficulty: easy

Walking time: approx. 20 minutes. Equipment: lighting, moonlight tobogganing, natural toboggan run, slope also suitable for children. During the White Weeks (including pre-Christmas skiing fun) and Ultner Ski Weeks, night tobogganing every Wednesday from 7 p.m.

Albl family and fun park
A real little amusement park in the snow - here, in addition to a toboggan run and a ski slope for beginners, you can also find the longest snow tubing run in the Alps, the ludicrous fun of sliding over the snow on giant rubber tires.

Skiing - snowboarding


8 minutes away

Winter in the Schwemmalm ski area:

Skiing vacation on the Schwemmalm for families and demanding skiers. The Schwemmalm ski area with guaranteed snow is located above the village of Kuppelwies on a sunny slope. Above all, demanding and experienced skiers appreciate the 25 kilometers of slopes in the ski area. Winter sports enthusiasts ski side by side with the sports stars.


in den Bergen Gleitschirm

15 minutes away

Float over the Ulten mountain peaks, from € 80

Garber Günther
I-39016 St. Walburg in Ultental

Tel .: +39 335 133 23 85

Mountain running / Ultner Höfelauf


Possible directly from the Alpinence

Trail runners find enthusiasm in the Ulten Valley due to the natural landscape. Whether over soft forest floors, over meadows, on summits or over scree fields, the possibilities are diverse.

There are trails of all difficulty levels.

One of the biggest sporting events in the valley is definitely the Ultner Höfelauf. It usually takes place at the end of July. It combines the joy of running with enjoying the landscape and culture. The run starts in Kuppelwies, leads past traditional farmhouses to St. Gertraud and from there back again.

Mountain biking or e-bike


Possible directly from the Alpinence

For mountain bikers there are optimal conditions between mid-April and mid-November. Numerous routes with different levels of difficulty are offered between 700 and 2,500 meters altitude. Experienced mountain bikers will feel particularly comfortable due to the mostly steeply rising single trails and the root passages.


For those who like to get a little help, there is the “Rent and Go” e-bike rental in St. Walburg.


Guided e-bike tours are offered every Wednesday and Friday.


More information and prices

Ulten Valley Museum

Alte Urne

15 minutes from Alpinence
The Ulten Valley Museum in St. Nikolaus gives you an insight into former rural life. Experience in an Ulten farmhouse parlor, the smokehouse, bedroom and milk room how people once lived and worked. You will learn something about their equipment, old tools and the customs in the valley.

Lahnersäge National Park House


20 minutes from Alpinence

In the centuries-old “Lahnersäge” in St.Gertraud, where the farmers of the Ulten Valley brought their wood to the Sagmeister until the 1980s, the new visitor center over the Stilfser Joch National Park in Ulten Valley is located.

In addition to the importance of the forest for people and nature, the Lahnersäge National Park Center also shows the functions of the forest in an impressive way. The visitors virtually hike through the habitats of the Stelvio National Park and learn valuable information about the special features of this unique protected area in the Ultental.

St. Moritz church


15 minutes from Alpinence
40 minutes on foot from the Alpinence
The small St. Moritz church is located high up on the sunny slope at 1,640 m. The crusaders are said to have stopped here earlier on their way to the Vinschgau. Later the church served as a hospice for pilgrims to Rome. Today St. Moritz is a popular hiking destination. Culture fans are particularly attracted by the view of the impressive frescoes from the 15th century. Also note the pointed arch portal, which was rebuilt in the late Gothic period, the barrel vault decorated with simple stucco from the 17th century and the high altar with a portrait of St. Mauritius.

Ancient larches


20 minutes from Alpinence

Three larches - witnesses of another time

These three larches near St. Gertraud in Ultental are considered to be the oldest conifers in Europe. According to legend, the larches are said to be over 2000 years old, but the rotten interior of the trees makes it difficult to count the annual rings correctly. In 1930, around 2,000 annual rings are said to have been counted on a fallen larch.

The stately circumference of the thickest trunk measures over 8 meters. The over 35 m high trees are marked by storms and weather, one peak has completely died as a result of a lightning strike.
But year after year, the larches sprout in a soft green every spring and bear witness to nature's will to survive. A natural phenomenon not to be missed!



15 minutes from Alpinence

Dear tennis friends,
the reservation of the tennis court is now only possible online via PC or mobile phone. The tennis facility
can be entered with an access code after reservation.
Please register on the following page:https://ulten.tennisplatz.infoas a guest player. At the same time, the
Download the web app to your cell phone.
You pay €10.00 per hour when you make your reservation.
The fee is paid by credit card (stripe).

GeoCaching - modern treasure hunt


Modern scavenger hunt in Ultental

What is geocaching?
Someone hides a container that contains at least one logbook somewhere in the world and registers this so-called geocache on There are of course a few rules (can be found on to be observed. Then a reviewer activates the geocache. This geocache is then visible to the geocacher community on the Internet.
Any interested geocacher can now download the description of the geocache including the geocache coordinates from the Internet and search for the geocache with his smartphone with a corresponding geocaching app.
Once the geocacher has found the geocache, he / she enters the logbook, which is located in the geocaching container. In addition, you should also document your find in the log list of the corresponding geocache at



15 minutes from Alpinence

Bergauf in Kuppelwies is a small social cooperative in Ulten, which has set itself the task of buying Ulten sheep's wool from the farmers in the valley and processing it on site. This refines a valuable, local raw material in the valley and creates jobs. Last but not least, woolly, warm, feel-good products are lovingly made by hand that many can enjoy: woolen slippers, placemats, seat pads, woolen blankets and gloves.

"Häusl am Stein"

Paar auf einem Spaziergang

30 minutes from Alpinence

The "Häusl am Stoan" is probably one of the most curious

Buildings all over South Tyrol.
The story behind it tells like a fairy tale.

There were once several small farmhouses below St. Pankraz on the Falschauer stream. In 1882, the Falschauer caused severe flooding after a storm and the flood masses tore all the houses with it - with the exception of a single one, which had been built by chance on a huge boulder, which now suddenly became visible.

Museum Culten

alte Dokumente

15 minutes from Alpinence

In 2018 a very special museum was opened in Ultental: the Culten Documentation Center.

On the church hill of St. Walburg in Ulten, in an old farmhouse from the 14th century, a new museum was opened in 2018. It is dedicated to the prehistory and early history of the people in this valley, both outdoors and in the mystical underground area.

The Ulten Valley was already settled in the Bronze Age (2200 to 800 BC) and Iron Age (750 BC to 500 AD), and some traces have been preserved to this day. One of them is dedicated to the Culten Museum. It is a settlement from that period (1400 - 600 BC), which was then built in the 6th century BC. Was converted into a burnt offering place.

The documentation center shows the way of life of the people at this time and their relationship to the valley. The information is supported by archaeological finds.

Zoggler reservoir


10 minutes from Alpinence

The Zoggler reservoir is a reservoir with a huge dam and is over two kilometers long. It is also the largest lake in the entire Ultental. He is nourished by the Falschauer River.

It is located immediately after the village of Sankt Walburg. The Falschauer River flows into the reservoir. Twelve courtyards lie under the water, and for more than a thousand years they were among the most beautiful in the area. Next to this is the village of Kuppelwies. From here the road leads up to the Schwemmalm ski area

Eschenlohe Castle


30 minutes from Alpinence

Shortly before St. Pankraz on a hilltop at the confluence of the Hagenbach and Falschauer rivers, the castle ruins of Schloss Eschenlohe are enthroned. The remains of the curtain wall and the corner of a fortified outbuilding as well as the mighty keep are preserved. The castle can only be viewed from the outside!

"Bad Überwasser"


15 minutes from Alpinence

In the past, the water in the Bad Überwasser was mainly recommended for baths against eg anemia, weakness, limb addiction and gynecological problems.

In 2009 it was analytically proven that the water is bacteriologically pure. Compared to drinking water, however, it has higher levels of iron and manganese.
The Bad Überwasser mineral water spring is located around 40 meters above the oasis of calm. The spring catchment was renovated in May 2009 and the water was led to the oasis of calm with two pipes: One pipe leads to the spring well and a second to the water dispenser.

In the village of St. Walburg, turn towards the sports zone. Once there, you cross the Falschauer and continue west for a few 100 m until you reach the former Bad Überwasser. The source can be reached in 5 minutes on foot by continuing on the meadow path towards the Zoggler reservoir. It is located in the forest above the oasis of calm

Hartungen waterfall

Mit Blick auf Wasserfall

20 minutes from Alpinence

The Hartungen waterfall is located in St. Nikolaus directly on the Ultner Höfeweg, a few minutes' walk from the Ulten ancient larches. The waterfall is especially worth a visit from May to October.


Indoor Kletterwand

20 minutes from Alpinence
Climbing tower over 14m high with 50 different routes.
You will find all different levels of difficulty in bouldering.


Kneipp path St. Walburg

a (5).JPG

15 minutes from Alpinence

Flat, shady, idyllic adventure trail along the shores of the Zoggler reservoir with 6 stations with sculptures on the subject of Kneipp, a central water basin, loungers, tables, benches, a fountain, a mill by the stream.

Swimming or adventure at the Santa Giustina reservoir

Bergige Landschaft am Meer

45 minutes from Alpinence

The Santa Giustina reservoir is located in the province of Trentino. Enjoy a sunny day on the lawn right by the lake or take part in one of the numerous adventurous attractions.  

Canyon kayaking, cannyioning, trekking

Further information or direct bookings at:

Felix pond


1h 15 minutes away

Untouched For some time the Felixer Weiher in the area of Ulten-Deutschnonsberg was renamed Tretsee, after the town of Tret. Grass soils and larch forests surround the lake above the village of St. Felix am Deutschnonsberg. The pond, rich in fish, lies calm and clear; a small island juts out of the water. The Felixer Weiher is 220 meters long, 170 meters wide and up to 4 meters deep. In older sources it can be found under the name Tretsee. The whole area was placed under nature protection by the South Tyrolean provincial government, so it was preserved in all its originality. Despite its location at 1,600 m, the Felixer Weiher or Trettsee is a popular, but rarely overcrowded, swimming lake in midsummer. The water temperatures then also reach the 25 degree limit. Ideal for cooling down. From the car park to Fondo (towards Rifugio Scoiattolo), it is a good hour's walk away.

Bowling Lana


35 minutes away

The bowling alley is located in the basement of the Lido Lana. The fully automatic bowling alley has 4 lanes, the results are evaluated by computer. In the bar, which is separated from the bowling alley by glass windows, spectators can watch the bowling over a beer or a glass of wine.

Water fun

Kid Ruder

35-60 minutes away

The organizer Acquaterra has been organizing experiences consisting of nature and water since 1992.

  • Rafting on the Adige for beginners, families and advanced riders - from € 25

  • Rafting on the Passer for adults and children from 10+ - from 35 €

  • Power rafting - from € 50

  • Wild River Tubing - from € 35

  • Hydrospeed - from 35 €

  • Kayaking - from 50 €

  • Canyoning - from 45 €

  • Canadian Canoes - from € 50

Most experiences are only suitable for people aged 14 and over. Please inform yourself in advance at


Register directly with Acquaterra

Phone: +39 336611336 or +39 0473720042




Frauen spielen Minigolf

35 minutes from Alpinence

  • Lana - 35 minutes away

  • Lagundo - highly recommended - 40 minutes away

  • Dorf Tirol - 50 minutes away

  • Naturns - 50 minutes away


Golfplatz Luftaufnahme

35 minutes from Alpinence

South Tyrol offers numerous golf courses with a spectacular atmosphere. Simply practice on the driving range or perhaps enjoy a fun game.

Rental on site. The driving range can be used by anyone without a registered license. The golf course itself is only intended for people with registered golf licenses.

  • Lana Golf Course - 35 minutes away

  • Eppan Golf Course - 50 minutes away

  • Passeier golf course 50 minutes away

  • Seis Golf Course - 1h 15 minutes away

Rainguthof animal world 


50 minutes from the Alpinence

A petting zoo with a difference. In the Rainguthof animal world you will find deer, sheep, goats and birds as well as camels, ponies and llamas. The courtyard invites you to linger. In addition to the wildlife, food is also offered. The spacious area offers numerous tables and benches, deck chairs and a playground.

Padel tennis Lana

Tennis üben

35 minutes from Alpinence

Try the new trend sport Padel. Two or four people, both are fun. It's easier than tennis and learning is easy.

Cermes labyrinth garden


35 minutes away

Cermes labyrinth garden

In the Burggrafenamt you will find a “natural” work of art: the labyrinth garden, an interesting destination also for families.

Graf von Pfeil and his labyrinth garden

The well-known labyrinth garden in Tscherms belongs to the Kränzel winery, a medieval courtyard that extends over a 1.7 hectare area and also offers a restaurant and wine sales. The winery itself covers a total of 4.5 hectares of vineyards and orchards.

The mystical place offers an atmosphere in which people's sensitivity and appreciation for nature can develop naturally. Because here the visitor is not confronted with concrete statements and guided into predetermined lines of thought, rather he can pave his own way through the labyrinth and the experience. Children in particular can revive the spirit of discovery here!

Falschauer biotope Lana

Am See Boot

35 minutes from the Alpinence

The entire Adige Valley was once a swamp area full of ponds, riparian forests and moors. As a precaution, people stayed away and settled on the hills that were not in danger of flooding. This also explains the current structure of the historic village centers of Lana, Burgstall or Gargazon.
In the middle of the 20th century, a large part of the area in the delta of the Falschauer River was fallow. Then, in the wake of the economic miracle, industrialization began unchecked, which almost tipped the balance. When a rethink began at the end of the 1970s, the remaining Falschauer Delta was declared a biotope.

Today the Falschauer Delta in Lana measures 32 hectares. As a biotope, it offers a refuge for numerous rare plants and endangered animal species. It is a retreat and irreplaceable habitat for over 200 species of birds, but also for amphibians and amphibians, snakes, fish and aquatic insects.
Tip: If you stroll along the part of the delta that is accessible to humans, you can take a break at the ponds and moors and listen to countless species of birds and frogs.

Spa town of Merano


45 minutes away

The traditional spa town on the Passer

Merano is characterized by extensive parks and green promenades, botanical gardens and numerous waterways. The city captivates with the alpine-Mediterranean atmosphere and the urban flair in the old town, between medieval arcades and the magnificent buildings of the Belle Époque. The snow-capped peaks of the glaciers are enthroned on the horizon of the palm trees along the Passer promenade and over the exotic plants of the award-winning gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle . The diverse cultural offerings range from the Merano Spring to the Grape Festival and Merano Christmas , from the Merano Music Weeks to the Merano WineFestival .

Recommended ice cream parlors to take with you:

  • Ice cream parlor Sabine

  • Ice cream parlor Oasis

Merano horse racing area


45 minutes away 

From April to October, horse races take place on the horse racing course in Meran and invite thousands of visitors to join in the excitement and bet.

Tickets and events can be found at:

Meran Horse Racing Course - The Temple of Obstacle Sports (

Cinema Ariston Merano


45 minutes away

Small but nice!

The film club or Ariston Kino in Merano offers a small selection of films that you can watch comfortably on a rainy day.

To get to know the exact film selection, visit the website Merano

Therme Meran

Quelle: IDM Südtirol - Urherber Manuela

45 minutes away

With the thermal baths opened in 2005, Merano not only has a feel-good attraction but also an architectural highlight. The impressive cube made of glass and steel is the heart of the new thermal spa area on the south side of the Passer.
The newly created space between the thermal baths and the thermal baths hotel invites you to linger in the terrace café and enriches the city with an attractive meeting point.
Between old, valuable trees and picturesque palm and rose gardens, the 50,000 m² thermal park offers a unique place of relaxation and tranquility in the middle of the city.

Rockarena - climbing and bouldering Merano

Felsklettern Innenaufnahme

45 minutes away

If the weather does not allow you to climb outdoors or if you want to stay technically fit over the winter months, the artificial climbing walls in the Rockarena climbing hall in Merano are a welcome change for young and old.

Rockarena climbing gym

Gampenstrasse 74

39012 Merano (BZ)

Christmas markets

Weihnachtsmarkt in der Nacht

The flowering gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle stretch out on the sunny slope above Merano, where Empress Elisabeth of Austria once strolled.

The enchanted castle towers in the center of the garden. Count Trauttmansdorff had it rebuilt from medieval ruins around 1850; Empress Sissi lived there twice for winter cures. Now the Touriseum, the museum for tourism, is located in the castle. It tells of 200 years of eventful Tyrolean tourism history.

Algo - shopping and cinema in Lagundo

Kauf-Knopf Downs

50 minutes away

The new shopping center with integrated cinema in Algund.

Trautmansdorf Castle Merano


45 minutes away

The flowering gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle stretch out on the sunny slope above Merano, where Empress Elisabeth of Austria once strolled.

The enchanted castle towers in the center of the garden. Count Trauttmansdorff had it rebuilt from medieval ruins around 1850; Empress Sissi lived there twice for winter cures. Now the Touriseum, the museum for tourism, is located in the castle. It tells of 200 years of eventful Tyrolean tourism history.

Alpinbob Merano 2000 - summer toboggan run

Wandern in Sunset

1h away

Summer and winter experience!

The Alpin Bob is one of the youngest attractions in the family ski area Merano 2000 above Merano. As the longest rail toboggan run in Italy, the Alpin Bob ensures great tobogganing fun and a real thrill even in winter , because here it goes downhill rapidly. In some places the two-seater lifts up to 12 meters from the ground! After the ride, the Alpin Bob brings the bobsledders back up to the starting point for another descent directly and without getting off. In summer there is also the possibility of getting off at the valley station and hiking on to Falzeben.

Bird of prey air show Dorf Tirol


1h away

Experience nature face to face

On a wonderfully laid out nature trail integrated into the landscape, visitors are introduced to the fascinating life of birds of prey as important links in the natural cycle. The task of the center is to take in helpless and injured birds and to nurse them back to health in order to release them back into the wild. If this is no longer possible, the station gives the animals a new home. The daily flight displays on the castle hill are an impressive bird of prey air show

Tyrol. They are bred twice a day at 11:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m.

Hawks, vultures, eagles, buzzards, kites and owls fly freely over the valley of Merano.

Exit Games - Escape Room Meran

Chained Tür

45 minutes from Alpinence

What is an escape room?

An "Escape Room" is a special group experience in which you as a team have to solve tasks or puzzles around a mysterious story in a real room within a given time. This can only be achieved with logical thinking, a lot of creativity and good teamwork.



It could be the solution to one of mankind's greatest mysteries: the secret manuscript. The so-called Voynich manuscript has been deciphered for centuries - but so far without success. But the key is possibly in an old, abandoned monastery of the Congregatio Jesu in the center of Merano. Accept the challenge, search the old walls and find the lost pages of the Voynich manuscript. A simpler version for children is also possible!

Register at least 24 hours in advance!

Helicopter tour Merano

Sonnenuntergang Hubschrauber-Fahrt

45 minutes from Alpinence

Book a helicopter flight over the Dolomites and marvel at the breathtaking backdrop of the South Tyrolean mountains, lakes and valleys from above

For adventurers and adrenaline junkies

Tandem Skydive
  • Ice bathing in winter in the Felixer Weiher or Montiggler Lake from € 60

  • Eco Quad Adventure in the Passeier Valley from € 35

  • Mountain Buggy Adventure in the Passeier Valley from € 150

  • Survival training on Nonsberg or Bozen from € 130

  • Sightseeing flight by plane - Bolzano airport from 70 € for at least 3 people

  • Gliding, Bolzano from € 120

  • Kayak in Merano from € 40

  • Rafting in Passeier or Merano from € 40

  • River boating in Lana from € 70

  • Windsurfing on Lake Kaltern from € 80

  • Skydiving in Verona from € 170

Organizer: Proalps Südtirol

For registrations and information at or on their website fill out the contact form,

Telephone 0473053165

Messner Mountain Museum Naturno


60 minutes from Alpinence
The MMM Juval, housed in Reinhold Messner's private castle in Vinschgau, is dedicated to the myth of the mountain. Here you can see his extensive adventure library and Tibetica collection, a picture gallery of the sacred mountains of the world, the mask collection from five continents, his expedition cellar, the unique exhibition on Gesar Ling, the tantra room and Renaissance frescoes. The entire exhibition is explained by trained guides. There is also a small mountain animal park, in the Gasthaus Schlosswirt farm products, excellent wines in the Unterortl winery and a farm shop at the foot of the castle hill. Everyone left Juval Castle with strong impressions.

Rafting Passeier Valley


1h 20 minutes from Alpinence

Let's go on an adventure! Experience a lively white water ride in Merano and Environs! In front of an impressive alpine panorama, we conquer the rolls and waves of the Passer with rafting boats and discover the diverse flora and fauna of the river. Everyone can be part of this adventure and get to know the fascination of white water! Our young South Tyrol rafting expedition team consists of four German-speaking, certified boat guides who can refer to many years of experience as rafting guides and canoeists. Our guests can rely on high security standards - our activity takes place in small and manageable groups. A respectful treatment of the environment is important to us: We follow the recommendations of the German Canoe Association. Whether you are a newcomer or a long-time whitewater fan - we at the South Tyrol Rafting Expedition Team look forward to welcoming you on an adventurous river trip !

Adventure Tour Our Rafting Adventure Tour is aimed at everyone who is looking

after a sporting challenge in South Tyrol.

Raffeiner Orchid World


50 minutes from Alpinence

Raffeiner Orchideenwelt offers not only orchid lovers a world of adventure to be amazed and discover, but also families from South Tyrol and vacationers from near and far.
Our visitors will not only be fascinated by the uniqueness of the exotic beauties, but also by the entire structure of the facility.
In the lake landscape the visitor sinks into the play of colors of the Koi carp. He crosses a bridge to the other bank and passes a waterfall that makes you feel like you're on holiday. Children are given space on different areas to let off steam and at the same time they can playfully learn their knowledge about orchids, their growth and reproduction at many stations. A look at the orchid production opens up for all those curious to see the culture of the beauties that come from their own production. The tropical villa with a beautiful pond where orchids swim their laps invites you to linger. Your very special event could also take place here. Whether romantic or business - ideal for everyone.

Railroad world Rabland

Lange Zug-Fahrt

50 minutes away

The railway world in Rabland near Merano is the largest digital model railway in Italy. The basis for the exhibition is the extensive collection of model trains, which with over 20,000 pieces is one of the largest private collections in Europe. The greatest fascination in the world of railways comes from the impressive miniature landscapes, which - reproduced on a scale of 1:87 (H0) - amaze visitors with numerous details and interactive elements. Discover the sights of South Tyrol in miniature, as well as our fantasy landscape with its incredible diversity.

Forest brewery tour

Bier machen

45 minutes from Alpinence

Expert guide in one of the most beautiful breweries in Italy. The district of Forst is the founding site of the oldest brewery in South Tyrol, which has been around for 150 years. During a guided tour through the brewery, let us explain to you what makes this beer so special, whether it is the fresh, pure air, the good water, the wonderful landscape or the friendliness of the residents.

  • It is not possible for young people under the age of 16 to take part in the tours.

  • To participate, you have to register in advance by telephone.

Tel. +39 0473 260111

The Forster Christmas Forest


45 minutes from Alpinence

The magic of Christmas in the Forster Christmas Forest. Immerse yourself and experience.

From the end of November to the beginning of January. The Forster Christmas Forest of the special beer brewery FORST is a feast for the senses. You can experience the unique magic of Christmas in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, far from the hustle and bustle. Shine of lights, crackling fire pits, picturesque Christmas huts, tempting smells, magical stalls, diverse gastronomy and unique entertainment options for young and old invite you to linger, enjoy, experience and return. Christmas is the celebration of love and contemplation. The Forster Christmas Forest is once again dedicated to charity and supports the aid platform “ South Tyrol helps ” with donations that benefit people in need in South Tyrol. Experience a festive atmosphere with all your senses in a picturesque setting and enjoy the most contemplative time of the year. (There is an own illuminated ice rink.)

Partschins waterfall


55 minutes from Alpinence

The irrepressible power of nature

The Partschins waterfall with a drop of 97 meters is considered one of the most beautiful in the entire Alpine region.
At a height of around 100 meters, the masses of water shoot out over a free-standing rock wall and tumble down into the valley. The waterfall is particularly impressive during the snowmelt in early summer, when up to 10,000 liters of water thunder down into the depths per second. This creates a special microclimate with certified added value for health and wellbeing. On sunny days between ten and twelve o'clock, the fine spray mist glistens in all colors of the rainbow.

Tours of vineyard and cellar with wine tasting


35 minutes distance

The Zollweghof is mentioned in documents for the first time in 1346. Since 1935 the farm is family owned – now in 3rd generation — and comprises 1.7 hectares of wine on steep south and southeast slopes. For almost 30 years, Franz Pfeifhofer has been cultivating plants on a terrain reaching up to 500m above sea level, according to the biodynamic method and has converted 80% of them to PiWi vines. The Zollweghof offers wines from the best new varieties of fungus-resistant grapes. In a guided tour people can learn more about the 700-year-old cellar, in which the white, red, rose and sparkling wines ripen: Every Thursday at 04:00 p.m., the Zollweghof offers vineyard and cellar tours with wine tastings.

Adress: Braunsbergerweg 15, 39011 Lana

Phone: 335 5922200 und 334 9298716


Merano shooting range

Hunter Aiming Rifle

40 minutes from Alpinence

Have you always wanted to try out what it's like to shoot a gun and no one has to get hurt? The shooting range in Merano (indoor) also does not offer members the opportunity to try out a weapon or target shooting training.

Tel: 351 3010818
Via Castel Gatto, 31
Obermais / Meran
39012 Italy

Ötzi Rope Park - Schnalstal high ropes course


1h 15 minutes from Alpinence

The Ötzi Rope Park high ropes course in Schnalstal promises challenges and fun for all ages.

In a beautiful natural landscape and above an imposing gorge, there is an extensive high ropes course with 11 courses and around 150 platforms, from 2m to 30m high.

During the inspection, a trained trainer is available to assist you at all times.


form the high flying fox over the gorge, the giant swing, as well as several children's courses.



1h 15 minutes from Alpinence

8,000 m² Stone Age near the Ötzi site in the South Tyrolean Schnalstal. The archaeological open-air museum archeoParc tells where and how Ötzi lived here in the mountains 5,300 years ago and which chain of coincidences led to his discovery on our glacier ...

Specifically, this means: We invite you to visit two exhibitions and an open-air area with stone-age house replicas and create a daily program with demonstrations and visitor activities. In this way, we reconstruct time and prehistory together with our visitors and make them accessible and understandable.

Our playful and creative approach is made possible because our colleagues from the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology in Bolzano take care of the conservation and presentation of the glacier mummy and its accompanying finds.

Gaudententurm Parcines


50 minutes distance

Ownership of the property changed hands several times, as shown below:
1348-1402: Edle von Gaudenz; 1402-1586: Edle von Hendl; 1586-1600: Herren von Stachlburg; 1600-1619: Cyriac von Waltenhofen; 1619-1638: Edle von Roladin; 1638-1657: Edle Aichner von Aichberg; 1657-1680: Johann Edler von Kreutzer of Innsbruck; 1680-1730: Edle von Bauer; 1740-1794: Edle von Wiesenegg

In 1792 the house was bought by Anton Simon von Isser, a chronicler from Merano/Meran, who four years later changed his surname to ‘von Gaudententurm’ when entering the nobility. It was via his grandson, the Viennese physician and neurologist, Dr. Friedrich Leopold von Sölder zu Prakenstein (1867-1943) that the residence passed on to the present-day owners.

The inner courtyard and cellars are open to the public during the weekly Schnaps tasting events.



Anker 2


Meran und Umgebung

Ötzi - South Tyrolean Archeology Museum


1h 10 minutes away

In 1991 a German holiday couple went on a mountain tour on the Schnalstal glaciers. The weather was good, it was warm, they made good progress. Suddenly they saw something in the melting snow: a mummified body ... What sounds like a crime thriller is nothing more than the most sensational Stone Age find of the last decades. Because the mummy from the ice is none other than Ötzi, who is so famous around the world today. For 5,000 years it lay in the eternal ice, perfectly preserved as well as the many other finds: coat, straw shoes and his bearskin hat, etc. Years of research have shown that Ötzi most likely came from the Eisack Valley and worked in copper processing.

It was only transferred to the South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum in Bolzano in 1998, and the museum also provides an insight into the early past of the southern Alpine region in a sophisticated and at the same time entertaining way, from around 15,000 BC. up to the Carolingian period around 800 AD.

Cinema Cineplexx Bolzano

Einen Film sehen

1h 10 minutes away

Have a cozy afternoon on rainy days and visit our Cineplexx cinema in Bolzano.

Prices: Between € 7 and € 11

" Opening hours:

The cinema opens half an hour before the first screening begins. Our box office is then full.

»Bilingual film offer:

Both Italian and German films are shown in their original language. For major film highlights, visitors can choose between German and Italian.
At the CINEPLEXX BOZEN you will find everything you need to enjoy the cinema with a rich assortment of sweets and soft drinks at the buffet. In the café / bar, drinks and snacks are waiting for you in between meals.

Go-kart Bolzano

Go Kart Racing

1 hour 10 minutes away 

10 minutes of go-kart fun  

Go karting with friends and acquaintances in 10 minutes. 6.5 HP - for children). For safety reasons, children's karts and go-karts for adults are not allowed to be used on the piste at the same time. Please note that minors must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.Additional Information!

Safety Drive Bolzano

Man Fahren in Auto

1h 10 minutes away

Driving safely needs to be learned and trained for life

With targeted exercise units in small groups or in individual training (personal coaching), you are prepared if a sudden obstacle appears in front of your vehicle or if the road conditions change due to the weather.

With us you will learn to correctly assess potential dangers when driving a vehicle, to master critical situations confidently and to have the vehicle safely under control in every situation. Car training - drift training - training for new drivers - winter fitness training - off road and SUV training

Messner Mountain Museum Firmiano


1h 15 minutes from the Alpinence

The heart of the Messner Mountain Museum, MMM Firmian at Sigmundskron Castle near Bozen, focuses on the human-mountain conflict. Between the Sciliar and the Texel Group outside - art, installations, relics inside - the spacious facility provides a course. The paths, stairs and towers lead visitors from the depths of the mountains, where the origin and exploitation of the mountains can be traced, through the religious significance of the peaks as a guide and bridge to the afterlife, to the history of mountaineering and alpine tourism of our day.

Gigajoy Bolzano

Poolbillard spielen

65 minutes away


(currently closed)

Diverse experiences for young and old, combined in one building!

  • shopping center

  • Escape Room with 3 different themed rooms

enalin thrust after the other - that's all Escape Room.

  • Playroom with bouncy castles, ball pools, etc.

  • bowling alley

  • Lasergame (shoot each other with laser pistols in the dark

  • pool hall

  • gaming hall

Real game simulators allow the player to fully immerse themselves in the game; for the ultimate gaming experience in first-person mode. Feel like a racer or become a dinosaur hunter in prehistoric times! There are also plenty of group games for teenagers, such as Calcetto or Carambola.

Shopping in Twenty Bolzano


65 minutes from the Alpinence

With over 81 shops, Twenty is one of the largest shopping centers in South Tyrol. There are also some restaurants and a UCI cinema. On the top floor you can prove your talent on a huge Carrera track. There are 4 different tracks.

The fun of the game costs 3 € per person for 15 minutes.

Paintball Bolzano

Paintball Versorgung Vermietung

65 minutes away

A reservation is possible from 6 people. Maximum number of players: 18 people. (9 + 9 players on the field). If there are requests for larger groups, that's no problem. You can then simply split up into smaller groups.
Match days: (Mon to Sun) and game start (time) you can determine yourself.
NB: The park can be reserved from Monday to Sunday - but it will only be open if reservations are available. Reservations are accepted via email or phone. Or you can use the contact form provided for this purpose. Depending on availability, you then have the opportunity to play for 1 to 2 hours and bring some color into the gray everyday life. MINIMUM AGE: 16 years (every player must bring an identity card to determine their age) Under 16 years (at least 14!) A declaration of consent from their parents must be brought with them.

Adventure park Kaltern

Seilgarten im Sommercamp

60 minutes away

It is the LARGEST high ropes course in South Tyrol with 163 platforms, 19 courses and 33 flying fox slides. The high ropes adventure park consists of a total of 19 courses with different levels of difficulty. The platforms are anchored in the beeches, spruces and larches, from which elements of different types and levels of difficulty start. Nets, beams, tree trunks, cable cars and bridges with lengths between 3 and 60 meters form the connection between the trees. The target group is the whole family. But be careful - adrenaline guaranteed: even a well-trained dad will work up a sweat on the extreme course. During the mandatory training, specialized trainers explain how to use the safety equipment and how to properly walk the course.

Telephone number: +39 3478010 960

Trampoline hall in Neumarkt

Kinder spielen im Hüpfburg

1h 30 minutes away


Just jump! Enjoy the liberating feeling of jumping, feel the adrenaline rush and forget everyday life. With 30 trampolines and our various attractions, fun is guaranteed for young and old! All you need to jump are comfortable clothing and special trampoline socks, which you can get from us at the cash desk and which you can then use on every subsequent visit. ATTENTION! Reservation is necessary!

Lake Montiggler Eppan

Schwimmen im See

65 minutes away

The Montiggl lakes are a popular destination in every season: hiking trails lead past and around them, narrow beaches and rocks are available for sun worshipers and water rats. The lakes include two small wetlands that are named Purzel- and Langmoos. The origin of these ponds and lakes lies in the Ice Age, therefore - and because of their beauty - the entire area is under nature protection.

The Montiggler Lakes were named the cleanest lakes in Italy by Lega Ambiente and Touring Club Italia in 2009. This award also pays attention to the quality of the accommodation, the historical center of the place, the gastronomy, the landscape in the area and the offers for tourists.

More experiences outside of the Ulten Valley

  • Buschenschank and Pfefferlechner distillery in Lana with an adventure playground and petting zoo - 40 minutes away

  • Familienalm Taser above Schenna (accessible by cable car) with indoor and outdoor play world, Indian village, mountain zoo, high ropes course,

  • Knottenkino Verano - Can also be combined with a hike. - 1 hour away.

  • Boat trip or pedal boat on Lake Kaltern or Lake Montiggler - 60 minutes away

  • Mendelbahn - one of the steepest funiculars in Europe - 60 minutes away

  • Church tower in Reschensee - 2 hours away

  • Kyte surfing Reschensee (day courses are also offered) - 2 hours away

  • Gummer Planetarium - 2 hours away

  • Mountain kart on the Plose or in Schnalstal - 2 hours away

  • Zip lines in St. Vigil - 2 hours away

  • Pragser Wiildsee 2h

  • 3 peaks 2h 30min

  • Tour of the Dolomites

  • Mine on Schneeberg in Ridnaun, mine in Prettau or adventure mine in Villanders - 2h30 away


Day trips outside of South Tyrol

Garda lake

Man Blick auf die Berge Out

2h 10 minutes away 

Combine your holiday in the Ulten Valley near Meran with a trip to Lake Garda. With a length of 52 km, a depth of up to 346 meters and an area of almost 370 km² Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. 

Other activities around Lake Garda

  • The Safari Animal Park Affi - Explore the unique animal world with your private car. - 2h away

  • Gardaland - amusement park - 2h 15 away

  • Indoor Go Kart Affi even in bad weather - 2 hours away

  • Movieland – Lake Garda - 2h 15 away

  • Canevaworld water park - 2h away



3h away

Combine your holiday in the Ulten Valley in Alpinence with a trip to the city of love, Venice. Venice, crossed by canals, was built on over 118 small islands. The romantic waterways are spanned by over 400 bridges. Sights are the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark's Square with the Doge's Palace.

The travel agency Ifinger organizes a trip to Venice every Thursday. The price for the round trip including 2 boat trips with a guided tour to St. Mark's Square and entrance fee is around € 60. Departure from Lagundo at around 6 a.m. Registration: +39 0473 92 33 65

Martin Reisen also organizes a weekly tour to Venice in Lana. 0473 563071

Preise Hotel Arosea

Life Balance Hotel Arosea

We are partners of the Arosea Life Balance Hotel in Kuppelwies

(The Arosea is 10 minutes by car from the Alpinence).


The house guests of the Alpinence thus benefit from further exclusive services.

A telephone or written appointment one day in advance is necessary.

+39 0473 785 051


Important: When you register, inform the hotel staff at the beginning of the conversation that you are a guest at the Alpinence.




Would you like to be pampered while having breakfast? The rich breakfast buffet at the Arosea is available daily from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.


















The Arosea Life Balance Hotel offers guests of the Alpinence daily from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. warm meals.

You are also welcome to dine in the hotel restaurant from 7:00 p.m., which will spoil you with fine gourmet dishes.











































At the Life Balance Hotel Arosea, relaxed bathing awaits you in the spacious,

Indoor pool (17 x 5 m2, water temperature 30 °) or, if the weather permits, outside in the naturally created 700m² natural swimming pond, framed by a wonderful alpine garden.


After an entertaining day of sport in the open air or a visit to the numerous historical and artistic sights of the Ulten Valley, the pool in the Hotel Arosea offers you an informal and relaxing ambience to relax.

The year-round heated outdoor pool with whirlpool will be your wellness stay

make it even more pleasant.



Soothing sauna offer on 2 floors:

  • Sound tunnel

  • Swiss pine organic sauna

  • Herbal stone sauna

  • Steam screw with chromotherapy

  • Ice trough

  • Experience showers

  • Ascent with a natural watercourse

  • Swing relaxation room, hay bed panorama relaxation room

  • Finnish panoramic outdoor sauna

  • Natural plunge pool

  • Outdoor quiet hut



















  • The Arosea Life Balance Hotel also has its own physiotherapist. You are welcome to make an appointment by phone.

  • For massages and beauty treatments please  click here



Breakfast weekly package


Lunch and afternoon dishes à la carte


Evening menu of choice


Evening set menu weekly flat rate

450.00€      (7=6)

Vegetable - salad buffet and spreads


Cold / warm starter

€13,00 - 15,00

Vital drink

€ 5,00


€ 9.00

Main dish

€ 23,00 - 28,00.00


€ 10.00

Cheese buffet

€ 14,00

Use of swimming pool and fitness room daily rate


Use of swimming pool for children daily rate (until 17 years)


Day Spa Adults


Weekly flat rate for the entire wellness area


Family package (up to 4 people) 

10 % discount





  • National Park House Lahnersäge St. Gertraud - 20 minutes away

  • Ulten Valley Museum - 15 minutes away

  • Museum Culten in St. Walburg - 10 minutes away

  • Arecheopark in Schnalstal - On Ötzi's footsteps - 1 hour and 10 minutes away

  • Women's museum in Merano - 50 minutes away

  • Gummer Planetarium - 2 hours away

  • Archeology Museum in Bolzano - 60 minutes away

  • Messner Mountain Museum in Firmian - 50 minutes away

  • Messner Mountain Museum in Juval Castle in Naturno - 50 minutes away

    Swimming and fitness

  • Day spa or fitness in our partner hotel Life Balance Hotel Arosea - 10 minutes away

  • Day Spa at Waltershof in St. Nikolaus approx. 53 

  • Day Spa at the Hotel Ortler in St. Nikolaus approx. 15 €

  • Thermal baths in Merano

  • Adventure pool in Naturno with slide - 50 minutes away

  • Day Spa with water park in the Quellenhof in Passeier approx. 60 to 70 € - 70 minutes away

  • Day spa with water park in Hotel Prokolus in Naturno approx. 60 to 70 € - 50 minutes away


  • Algo Shopping Center in Algund with Cineplexx cinema (from 2021) - 45 minutes away

  • Twenty Shopping Center - with more than 80 shops and restaurants - 60 minutes away

  • City stroll in the spa town of Merano

  • City stroll in Bolzano


Other experiences

  • Film day at Alpinence - We make Amazon Prime Video available on your TV free of charge. You are welcome to use Netflix if you have your own account

  • Game day at Alpinence - various board games are in the games cupboard in the garage

  • Sticklä St. Pankraz (climbing and bouldering hall) 20 minutes away

  • Bowling in Lana - 35 minutes away

  • Rockarena Meran (climbing and bouldering hall) 40 minutes away

  • Carrera Bahn go to the Twenty shopping center in Bolzano - 60 minutes away

  • Schnapps and / or wine tasting in the Gaudententurm in Partschins - 50 minutes away

  • Cinema in the Merano Film Club - 45 minutes away

  • Raffeiner Orchideenwelt in Gargazon - 45 minutes away

  • Exit Games - Escape Room in Merano

  • Forest brewery tour - 50 minutes away

  • Rabland Railway World - 50 minutes away

  • Cellar tour with wine tasting at Zollweghof in Lana - 35 minutes away

  • Giga Joy Bozen (bowling, billiards, games room, table football, escape room, laser game, darts - all in one hall) - 60 minutes away

  • Trampoline hall in Neumarkt - 70 minutes away

  • Salewaworld Bozen (climbing and bouldering hall) - 60 minutes away

  • Mine on Schneeberg in Ridnaun, mine in Prettau or adventure mine in Villanders - 2h30 away

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