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The Ulten Valley is surrounded by many lakes. One of the most famous and biggest lakes is the lake "Zoccolo" or also called "Zoggler". It is about 3km long and stretches from the dam wall at the end of Santa Valburga until the paragliding landing meadows near Pracupola. Every year in autumn the Pracupola Market and the traditional sheep market take place.

Today a part of the lake is popular for swimming in the summer. It's water stays cool at the most of the time which is very refreshing especially on hot days. The swimming area is across the cable car station "Schwemmalm" at Pracupola.

At the 516 m long dam wall, countless hiking paths start, like the historic "Karrenweg" trail, the Ultimo Valley trail and the hiking path to the mountain pasture "Spitzner Alm".

The trail along the lake, proceeds along the forest from the dam wall until Pracupola. (1 hour)

Here you will find a Kneipp Path, a course with a pond an some relax stations. A circular path arround the whole lake for pedestrians and mountainbikers is planned to be finish at 2019.






















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