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User: Alpinence

Password: Alpinence2023



Alpin, Solea & Vita
Each room can be individually controlled via a thermostat. When the pointer is on the circle, the ground is pleasantly warm and you have an average temperature of around 22°C. You can control the temperature up or down yourself. If you have any further wishes regarding the temperature, please feel free to contact us, as we can also operate the heating via remote control. 

Chalet Ulten
Thermostats are attached to the radiators, which you can regulate yourself. If you have any further wishes regarding the temperature, please feel free to contact us, as we can also operate the heating via remote control. 

Temperatur einstellen


If you want to store larger items in the garage, you can open the gate with the Code 1234 use and confirm with the "Enter" symbol

The garage can be opened / closed from the inside with the black sensor, which is attached to the passage wall. (Click on the white line)


First aid

Alpin, Vita & Solea

The first aid kit is at the top of the wardrobe.

Chalet Ulten

The first aid kit is in the storage room next to the kitchen

Emergency number 112


Waste sorting

We attach great importance to waste separation. We ask you to bring the rubbish into the garage and dispose of it in the appropriate bins there. 

Please note that too Plastic ONLY "plastic bottles" and hard plastic (e.g. shampoo, dish soap bottle, etc.)

Plastic packaging and yoghurt pots belong in the residual waste

The organic waste (Fruit, vegetables, salad, NOT including eggshells, bones, coffee filters) please put in the green bin in front of the chicken coop


Fresh cow's milk

You can get fresh cow's milk from the neighbour, farmer Karl. You can find the milk bottle in the drinks drawer in your apartment. Place the bottle on the windowsill in front of the stable in the evening and it can be picked up again from around 7:00 a.m. 1 liter of milk costs €1.50. You can put the money in the piggy bank on the window sill. Attention: The raw milk is not easily tolerated by everyone.



In the event of a power failure, please check the power box in the apartment to see if a switch has failed. The main electricity box for all apartments is located next to the window (next to the front door) at Chalet Ulten.

Strom Stecker

Drinking water

We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to offer you excellent, constantly controlled drinking water quality from our house spring. This spring water comes from every tap. 

Water Purifier & Glass


(Alpin, Solea & Chalet Ulten)
You will find the firewood for the fireplace in the barn above Chalet Ulten. Please note that the fireplace is used at your own risk. 



Please do not feed the animals on the adjacent farm, and if you do, then only near the stables.



(Vita, Solea & Alpin)
Only glass and ceramic plates/containers/bowls are placed in the microwave. Please note that plastic and metal/steel are not suitable for microwave use as plastic melts and metal catches fire.

Mikrowelle öffnen


(Alpin, Solea & Vita)
The larger switch next to the light switches is for the fan, which you can turn on to get rid of bad odors or moisture after you shower. When activated, it runs for approx. 15 minutes and then switches off by itself. We provide you with soap and shampoo. For this we use a PH neutral multi-purpose soap. Ideal for face, hair, hands and body care.



You are welcome to unload your luggage in front of the garage. Afterwards, please park in the parking lot opposite the chapel.

Geparkte Autos


In order not to disturb the peace of our guests around the apartments, we have created a games area next to the parking lot. All game utensils are there in a locked box, which you can use with the Number code 0208 to open. After you no longer need the utensils, we ask you to put them back in the box and close it again.

Freunde auf einer Schaukel


The apartments have a Nespresso machine and a coffee filter carafe (Vita & Alpin) coffee filter machine (Chalet Ulten).  Some capsules can be found next to the Nespresso machine. (Vita & Alpin) You can get more capsules  in Despar in St. Walburg or in the electronics store Wenin in St. Walburg. The filter carafe is located in the beverage drawer. You can heat the water in the tea maker and then pour it over the filter filled with coffee powder (not too hot, otherwise the coffee will burn). The carafe and filter are dishwasher safe.


acuum cleaning system

The openings provided for this purpose are located in the apartments on the wall, which sockets look similar.
​You can find the hose for the vacuum cleaner system:
Residence Vita & Solea Lodge: in the garage
Residence Alpin: in the washroom
Chalet Ulten: In the storage room


Oven drawer

(Vita & Alpin)
Below the oven is another drawer where you can find utensils such as cutting boards, tea towels, etc. 



(Solea & Alpin)
Open the glass door and put the wood in the fireplace. The gentlest way to fire, the wood should be allowed to burn from top to bottom. Please notice that the Riegler with the + symbol aligned to the right is to allow the fire to draw air. Leave the door open for 1-2 minutes before closing it and allowing the fire to burn nicely.



Our TV is connected to WiFi. Netflix is available to you free of charge for limitless streaming. To do this, click the home button (house symbol)  on the remote control and activate the Netfix app. You are also welcome to register with Amazon Prime Video if you have a private account yourself.
Youtube, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video can be used on the TV at any time. However, we ask for your understanding that direct Internet use on the TV or downloading apps is prohibited.



We ask  you to close the parasol again when not in use.



Alpin & Vita

A CHARCOAL grill is available for grilling, which is located on your terrace.  We ask that you leave the grill properly cleaned.  (Use at your own risk)

operation manual


Hiking trails

We ask you to stay on the specified hiking trails and not to use the meadows as a shortcut, as the grass serves as a source of food for the animals of our mountain farmers.

Zwei Wanderer in den Bergen
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